About Winick

We know retail and it shows

With over 5,000 transactions completed and millions and millions of square feet of retail space leased since its founding in 1982, Winick Realty Group remains a market-leading, boutique-sized provider of brokerage, advisory and consultancy services across the New York metro area and beyond. Deploying our human capital and our market-leading locational analytics, we will continue to strive to be at the forefront of the retail leasing industry.

We are educated, street-smart, book-smart and savvy.

Retail is our specialty; it is our craft and our passion. We are former retail executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, economic development officers, music producers, and ranked athletes. We are esteemed by our colleagues, respected by our peers and renown in our industry.

We get the job done right.

With over 200 years of accumulated market knowledge, transaction history, professional relationships and industry contacts available to leverage and monetize, we continue to ably represent a broad range of local, national and international retail clients across all industries and price-points. From one-off, high-street flagships, to multi-market regional expansions to multi-unit national rollouts, each transaction is done with pride, professionalism and passion.

We want to know everything to make everyone smarter.

Understanding our clients intimately leads to the successful satisfaction of their goals and objectives. We walk in their shoes (or shirts or pants) or eat in their restaurants or live and shop in their buildings to fully understand their products, their customer’s behaviors and their patterns of consumption. Employing our best-in-class locational analytics, we unlock the hidden to provide insights that lead to the development of bespoke strategies, action plans and methodologies for each unique assignment.