Max Kostikov

Director, Investment Sales and Commercial Leasing
Max Kostikov
Areas of Specialization

Investment Sales and Commercial Leasing

Areas of Expertise

Manhattan, Tri State Area

Awards and Recognition

Professional Experience

Max Kostikov is an investment manager and sales advisor with more than six years of experience in commercial, residential and mixed use sales throughout Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Mr. Kostikov joined Winick Realty Group’s Investment Sales Division in 2017 following a three-year stint at a capital holdings firm, where he focused on commercial sales, leasing and acquisitions. During this time, Mr. Kostikov became adept at locating and identifying off-market properties and developments, working closely with both buyers and sellers to complete transactions.

Mr. Kostikov, who began investing in real estate in 2005, started his career in residential sales, working alongside family friends at Korr Realty. At the same time, he was serving as CEO at Lighten Group, his family’s private medical practice aimed at serving the Jewish and Russian-American communities. When the 2008 recession hit, Mr. Kostikov, who is fluent in Russian, abandoned his original goal of opening his own medical practice and decided to focus on real estate full time, recognizing opportunity at a time when others were far more pessimistic. Seizing on that opportunity, Mr. Kostikov has been able to grow in his career, gaining expertise in office leasing, retail leasing, residential and commercial sales. This combination gives him a well-rounded understanding of markets and properties, allowing him to analyze assets in a uniquely nuanced way. His expertise includes planning, negotiating, market research, client analysis and integration of new customer prospecting campaigns.